So the latest on the crappy YouTube movie “The Prophet” comes to us from Egypt where government officials are calling for the arrest of several people supposedly involved in the making of the film including serial ass-hat Pastor Terry Jones (the idiot who decided that burning the Koran was a good idea).

Now I don’t particularly care for Mr. Jones and quite frankly I couldn’t give a damn about the rest of the accused either, but for a foreign nation to demand the arrest of a foreign national over a film that is not only incredibly poorly produced, but that has no distribution aside from YouTube is outrageous.

The accused, if in fact arrested and charged could face the death sentence for their crimes.

The worst part of the whole fiasco is that we should all know that the film itself has little or nothing to do with the protests and the leadership in almost every country where these protests are happening is helping to fan the flames of discontent leading to injury and death as protesters become more agitated.

So the biggest question I have is, “Why is it that the nations with the highest percentage of religious people seem always to have the most violent societies?” And again, I am talking about more than just Islam here. The US is one of the most religious countries on the planet. The US also has more violent crime than virtually any other industrialized nation on earth.