Welcome to my first post at To Hell in a Handcart.

This week, protesters throughout the muslim world have been raising a ruckus at US embassies and consular offices. In Libya, four members of the consulate were killed when protesters stormed the building and burned it down.

The protests, which started in Cairo at the US embassy, are said to be the result of a US made film which disrespects the prophet Mohammed. And truth be told, that is likely the line used to recruit many of the young men who were responsible for these violent acts. People have been using religion to influence the masses since the beginning of time and the political leaders in the middle east today are no different. Religion provides an absolute authority to those who wish to use it that denies any opportunity for argument. It is the ultimate political weapon because who after all can argue with god.

This approach is not limited to muslims though. Take a look at the current political climate in the US. Religion is front and center in nearly every discussion, perverted to gain political favour by both republicans and democrats, most of whom, given their educations, should most likely be taking a more reasoned approach to the issues of the day but instead are preying upon the fears and prejudices of their constituents.

It’s time for the educated people of the world to stand up, unafraid and speak their minds. Make reason and logic our signposts, not fear and superstition.

That’s all for today. Please feel free to add to the discussion.